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Our exponentially complex and connected world needs digital twin technology to help people reduce waste, save resources, solve issues, reduce risk and create value.

bOS is the world’s leading universal data platform with the ontology to rapidly develop connected, affordable, flexible, and future-proofed digital twins.
Digital twins enable humans to better understand the deluge of data available to them today—across infrastructure, construction, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and more.
As competitors are seen to gain advantage from their digital twins and governments require increasingly complex compliance from a range of industries, digital twins will become urgent best practice.

The digital twin market is predicted to expand sixteen-fold over the next 5 years. But this predicted growth can only happen if digital twins become effortless to create affordably.

4 years in beta development delivering to real-world customers have prepared bOS for global rollout at scale.
bOS offers unrivalled data inter-operability:
Groundbreaking data unification for ‘machine-to-machine’ understanding.
Advanced data visualisation for ‘machine-to-human’ understanding.
A data-first platform for machine learning and AI predictive simulations and optimisation.
Today’s organisations gather and share unprecedented amounts of data but few make that data simple enough for the right people to understand in real time, in order to make that data operationally valuable.

Different data types on any single asset, process or issue are often kept in different systems, departmental silos, or across multiple stakeholders. This defeats the value of bringing multiple perspectives to any issue.

To solve complex real world issues, data must be brought together from different sources into a single model so that divergent datasets can work together and new insights and value can be created.

This data interoperability is always the first step in any digital twin or artificial intelligence project.

However data interoperability has remained a difficult, time-consuming and expensive process.
Making digital twins effortless and affordable.
bOS allows digital engineers to effortlessly import multiple data types into a single data schema, utilising existing data standards or creating a new bespoke data schema.

This universal data platform incorporates geo-spatial and non-spatial information so that a simple digital twin can be created in minutes not months.

The simplicity and flexibility of bOS is a prerequisite to the anticipated explosion in the need and demand for digital twins.
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